Following on from a presentation given at the AULC conference in Cambridge in January 2015 on Language for Specific Purposes (LSP), we surveyed UK institutions through the AULC mailing so as to get a feel for the interest in this field, with a view of organising a one-day event to share ideas and expertise in LSP practice, course development and policy-making.

After receiving responses  from over a dozen institutions with a range of LSP provisions (or interested in setting one up), we decided to go ahead with the organisation of a free one-day event, on 11th September at the University of Manchester: ‘Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education 2015’.

We proposed that the focus of the event looked at LSP three different angles: from an institutional and managerial stance, from a course designer’s point of view (language coordinators, course leaders) and finally from a teacher’s perspective at a more practical level.


The programme for this event is available here.

Slides and documents used on the day:

If you have any questions, please go to the contacts page.

The organisation committee

Benoît Guilbaud (The University of Manchester)
Sabrina Wagner (The University of Manchester)
Martin G. Kantus (University of Cambridge)
David Tual (University of Cambridge)


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